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03:01 pm: Please help if you can...
I found this on my aunt's blog. I can't imagine if it happened to me, but..this family lost their home due to a fire. they are since moving from place to place with a whole lot of nothing. Please help them.

This is copied from the ladies blog.

We've thought about this. A lot. The bottom line is, we can't get help unless we ask. We are asking for your help, in a specific way. May we please have $2? Two dollars. $2 and the request to place this post on your blog, site, or signature line.

Things we will use the money for:

Household items
First, last, and deposit for a rental
Restocking the pantry
Buying the house from the owner (hey, don't hate us for that, we need a dream to hold on to)
And so on.

More importantly are the things we will NOT use this money for:

Paying credit card debt
Alcohol, strippers, or gambling, including lotto tickets
Shopping at the mall
Designer labels
Eating out, or take out
Business Expenses
New Cars
Electronics such as televisions, video games, or computers
Expensive unnecessary toys for the children
Illegal or morally questionable activities
Contributions to Political Parties
Plastic Surgery
Tattoos or Piercings
Expensive household and luxury items
Moving to Canada

We are not asking for you to pay off any debt, send our kids to college, fund retirement, buy a vacation house, or send us on a cruise around the world. The house we are staying in is a vacant home that has been sold. It is a short term housing offer, intended to get us out of the hotel. Finding more suitable housing is a priority. The insurance company will pay for any difference in what our housing cost was, but they do not provide any coverage for the first, last, and deposit. Suffice to say, the husbands paychecks just aren't stretching far enough to cover us. No amount of budgeting would make this work.

Please do NOT send us hate mail telling us to get off us butts and get a job at McDonalds. This did not happen because we are bad with money, frivolous in our expenditures, or don't know how to plan ahead. We had a fire. It was not our fault.

Is this hard to do? Yeah, it really is. We have morals. We have standards. Asking for help like this is HARD. We're frustrated. It's obvious we're not going to get through the rest of this alone. We're sticking with the belief that people are good. We already know that from the way our community and extended family reached out to us in those first weeks. Some people need some amazing things for us those first weeks, and made sure we had a holiday to remember. I don't think anybody could have expected this to drag out like this. After all, isn't that what insurance is for?

You can send your $2 by one of the following methods

The S Family
PO Box 7486
Olympia, WA 98507

Here is the link for her blog. http://sixmaybemore.blogspot.com/2007/01/two-dollars.html

you can also paypal her at thenaturalmama@gmail.com

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